Annual Angel Project

Every January, OFNO volunteers travel to Nazareth Orphanage to celebrate the Epiphany. This is a daylong trip to Tecate, where volunteers bring Christmas gifts to the orphans and Sisters. You have the opportunity to sponsor one of the boys AND girls, sisters and dedicated workers at the orphanage.

Please open your heart and consider becoming a sponsor:

Upon assignment, you will be given the name, age and sizes of clothing for the recipient, as well as a number. Please provide any or all articles of clothing (shirt, pants, shoes); these are the items most needed. You have include a toy, but preferably NOT one with batteries, as the sisters do not have the means to replace them.

Please WRAP and CLEARLY LABEL each gift with the child’s FIRST and LAST NAME and ASSIGNED NUMBER next to their name (60 or so presents is easier to keep track of on our end when each gift is labeled with the name and assigned number)

There will be two large boxes in the back (narthex) of St Elizabeth Seton church and will be clearly labeled “Nazareth Orphanage, Fr. Kelly”. Please deliver your gifts any time between Saturday Dec. 9 but NO later than Sunday, Dec. 31. HOWEVER, we have been asked to NOT have any gift drop off during Christmas weekend, as the church is very busy and crowded during that time. You will have 3 weekends to drop off the gifts: Dec 9/10, Dec. 16/17, and Dec 30/31. In addition, you can bring your gifts in during the week, when the Church is OPEN.

Thank you! If you have decided to become a sponsor, please let Kim know by sending her an email. She will get back to you as soon as possible.

Kim Ikehara and Maria Sedlock
Angel Project Coordinators

Upcoming Angel Project

Angel Project Epiphany Celebration / Saturday, January 13, 2018
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