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Orphanage pet ministry, Cathedral Catholic support group

March 26, 2022

7:00 am


1:00 pm

Supply food, metal bowls and supplies to take care of animals at orphanage. Including chicken feed, water dispenser and food dispenser. There are now three chickens and one mean rooster. Also, the door on chicken coop needs to be replaced and parrot needs food. Last count there were three dogs, but the rabbits have died. Rabbit habitat needs repair and some tender loving care. The chicken coop door is oddly shaped and was originally custom made. The dimensions are 49” high and 20” wide. The door handle is in an odd place, pictures available. The fencing around the chicken coop needs to be replaced since the dogs destroyed it while trying to eat the chickens. Dog food containers were previously purchased and can be refilled. They are rodent proof and hold 40lbs of dog food each. I think there are two of them.

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Stephen Laskero and Teri Strohm