Many Hands Make Light Work. We need your help.

OFNO is successful because of thoughtful people like you who give their time. Travel to Tecate, Mexico, with us or help in-house to ensure the children thrive.


Come with us to Tecate

Next Trip: March 20, 2021

Four Saturdays during the school year, OFNO volunteers travel to Nazareth Orphanage in Tecate, Mexico to participate in a day of work projects alongside the children and Sisters. The daylong trips begin early morning and volunteers return to San Diego that same day. Volunteers help with maintenance and upgrade projects such as painting, repairs, and minor construction on campus.

Our trips for the next school year are scheduled for March 20, 2021. (Note: Trips may be canceled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Please check our Website often for updated information.)

NOTE: The Board of Outreach For Nazareth Orphanage (OFNO)) has been keeping in close contact with the Sisters that care for the children at the orphanage.  As a result of these discussions and the ongoing pandemic, our trip planned for January 9, 2021, has been reluctantly cancelled.  The current information is that all non-essential travel to Mexico has been restricted by the Center for Disease Control because of the COVID-19 crises. Moreover, California has continued to escalate its restrictions in light of the recent increases in reported cases.  For the safety of the children, Sisters and the volunteers, we will be unable to travel to the orphanage in January. The Board will continue to monitor the situation to determine when we will be able to safely travel.