Projects & Current Initiatives

Great lengths have been taken to ensure that Nazareth Orphanage can continue in its mission to foster Family Togetherness.

The campus property was deeded in the name of the Sisters of the Sacred Heart and of the Poor, OFNO obtained 501(c)3 nonprofit status, and a new generation of Sisters joined the orphanage. All these changes have been made so that Nazareth Orphanage can help more orphans.

Bringing girls to Nazareth Orphanage is the focus of our current initiative and fundraising efforts.

To house young boys and girls, additional buildings need to be constructed to accommodate the additional children.

In fulfilling the Sisters’ mission to have boys and girls at Nazareth Orphanage, the following facilities need to be constructed:

  • Dormitory for the young girls
  • Kitchen/dining room area to teach core life skills, such as cooking and sewing
  • Chapel to accommodate 150 people for prayer and worship
  • Community Center that can provide classroom space and an indoor play area

Building Hope
Nazareth Orphanage has provided care for over 1000 families.
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With Your Help We Can Dare to Dream Big

Orphange Expansion Project / Phase I: Breaking Ground

$310,920 of $750,000 raised


Keeping Families Together

A little love goes a long way:


Compassion in Motion

Join us for our next trip to Tecate, Mexico in:








50 years of caring, giving and continued hope.

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