Meet Our Family
OFNO volunteers come in many forms. They are families from St. Elizabeth Seton Church in Carlsbad, California and other churches within the Roman Catholic Diocese of San Diego, members of the Knights of Columbus, and numerous high school students from parochial and public schools.
These are some of the OFNO Superheroes that help make this organization possible, providing us the means and the tools to aid Nazareth Orphanage.
Board of Directors
Reverend Brian F. Kelly, Ph.D.
Spiritual Moderator and Founder
John Czajkowski
Projects Coordinator
Board Member Since 2014
Owner / Heritage Wealth Managers
Mike Sapien
Donation Coordinator
Board Member Since 2014
VP, US Research / Enterprise Services – Ovum, Carlsbad, CA
Kim Ikehara
Coordinator / Angel Trip Project
Board Member Since 2016
Stay at home mother to 4 children
Allison Pico
Board Member Since 2015
CFO / North Coast Medical Supply, Carlsbad, CA
Michael Dalsin
Co-founder of OFNO.org
Board Member Since 2014
Private Equity Fund Manager and Public Company Board Member in Los Angeles, CA
Not All Angels Have Wings
Meet Father Brian F. Kelly,
Father Kelly has led a lifetime of missionary work, serving charitable causes and orphanages around the world. He’s a retired U.S. Navy Chaplain who earned the rank of Captain, and is currently a priest at St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church in Carlsbad, California. Father Kelly has been leading volunteer efforts for Nazareth Orphanage for more than 20 years, and now serves as the Outreach for Nazareth Orphanage President and Spiritual Moderator.

‘Amen I say to you, whatever you did for one of the least brothers of mine, you did for me.’
Matthew 25:40

“These words of Jesus have always motivated me as a priest to create opportunities for myself and those under my pastoral responsibility to live out this verse in the Gospel in our daily lives.”
– Father Kelly

Empowering Children
Meet the Sisters
The Sisters of the Sacred Heart and of the Poor made three key decisions that will have a lasting impact on the orphanage and the children of Tecate, Mexico. First, the property of Nazareth Orphanage was deeded in the name of the Sisters’ Order; next, they decided to bring girls to the orphanage to keep families together when possible; and lastly, they added four younger Sisters to help care for the children. All of these decisions were made to carry on the mission of Family Togetherness and the excellent work of Nazareth Orphanage for years to come.

“There are now 8 Sisters of the Sacred Heart and of the Poor who care for the children, ensuring they receive the education needed to become effective leaders and members within their communities. The youth and energy of the 4 new Sisters sends an important message to donors about the long-term health and vitality of the orphanage.”
– Father Kelly

Giving is Contagious
Meet Melanie / Donor
Melanie first became involved with OFNO as a high school student in San Diego, when she participated in a volunteer trip to Nazareth Orphanage. Fast-forward 10 years, and she’s still impacting the lives of the orphanage’s children by being a re-occurring donor.

“I never forgot the little faces of the kids at the orphanage. They stayed with me, and they changed me for the better. I know exactly where my money goes—to help these kids and more like them.”
– Melanie

Compassion in Motion
Meet Ron and Kay / Volunteers
Kay and I have been volunteers at OFNO for several years. We enjoy the satisfaction of knowing our efforts help these boys to grow up to be successful in their adult lives. My work at the orphanage is being a jack of all trades and work to repair whatever is needed in the different buildings. While working on the projects the boys are always interested in helping, if only for a few minutes. Kay has been involved in various projects from painting to helping me with projects. Kay particularly enjoys the January trip in celebrating the Epiphany with the children. The sponsoring of a gift for these children is very rewarding when you see them smile when opening the gifts.

A little love goes a long way:


Compassion in Motion

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50 years of caring, giving and continued hope.

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