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Outreach for Nazareth Orphanage

6797 Encelia Place
Carlsbad, CA 92011


TAX ID: 32-0431991

Contact Info

Reverend Brian F. Kelly, Ph.D.

President/Spiritual Moderator:
For General Inquiries

E-mail OFNO at:
Allison Pico

Treasurer/Monetary Donations:

Stephen Laskero

Tecate Trip Coordinator/Trip Material Donations:
Volunteer Opportunities

E-mail OFNO at:
Kim Ikehara

Angel Project Coordinator:
Deborah Kunkel-Sampson

St. Gregory the Great Catholic Church Liaison:
Stephen Laskero

St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic Church Liaison:
Scott Corriveau

Fundraising Coordinator:

Carolyn Reinmiller

Marketing/Fundraiser/Public Relations/Media Liaison: